Colegio Interamericano Gymnasium

The desired program for the school addition includes a variety of public rooms for gathering. The Gymnasium/Recreation building is among the most important gathering spaces in the project. Special attention must be paid to both the location of this space within the proposed plan, as well as the details and proportions of the room. Often important public buildings/spaces are placed on high ground in order to command an important view and are composed with unique characteristics (shape and details) to ensure that the experience is a memorable one.

As such, the gymnasium has been placed along the entrance road to the School to serve as a marker. The building is set on the highest point of the site, from where the main spaces command the most impressive views of the surrounding landscape. The proposal contains two important rooms that could be used for both recreational and ceremonial events (i.e graduation ceremonies etc.). The main rooms are carefully proportioned and are surrounded by a deep colonnade that serves as an outdoor room for circulation and gathering, protecting the building’s inhabitants from sun and rain.

Below the main level are a series of service spaces, inlcuding lockers, bathrooms and secondary room (i.e. exercise rooms etc.) that serve to support the main uses of the building.

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