Domino Park

 Maximo Gomez Park (Domino Park) is one of the most important urban spaces in the City of Miami. It serves as a social center for Little Havana, where locals gather in large groups to converse and play dominoes. The space is also frequented bye thousands of tourists each year as part of their cultural tours of Little Havana.

The primary use of the space is the playing of dominoes. While the existing stand of trees provides some shade, a variety of structures have been erected to protect players from frequent rains, allowing them to play year round. The current structures are arranged in an ad-hoc manner that divides the space into a series of disconnected experiences.

The new design proposes an open-air, hypostyle hall that accommodates the existing landscape while providing a large, covered, public room that celebrates the daily spectacle of urban life.

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Completed September 2015

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