Singapore Entertainment Building

Singapore, as in the case of many modern Asian cities, seems to attract and absorb models which have been generated elsewhere in an attempt to rebuild itself for the future. In the case of Singapore, the implementation of foreign models has produced an urban scenario in which much of the existing colonial fabric has been systematically replaced by multitudes of high rise developments. Currently, one may even argue that there is no longer any real context in Singapore; it has been torn down, rebuilt, reinvented. This tabula rasa development strategy has created an artificial environment, devoid of scalar relationships where the coexistence of contrasting types (both in scale and in function) dominates.

Set within this particular urban environment, the project seeks to rethink the

Notion of an entertainment district in Singapore and instead proposes a building for entertainment in which various functions of the district are internalized. The building is comprised of two elements- a large covered hall and a cube. The “basilica-like” hall attempts to address the question of how one may design a contemporary urban space in the tropics. The cubic volume, set atop the covered hall, contains a variety of programs typically associated with entertainment. By night, the taut, scale less, glowing surface of the cube serves as an icon for the district as well as a billboard onto which ever-changing images can be projected. Through the imposition of a strong urban form, the building seeks to generate a sense of district with an instantly recognizable identity.

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