Sky Lodge

Set atop of an elevated urban plateau, the new penthouse apartment is developed within an existing apartment building in Guatemala City.  The new design is guided by two principal concerns:  the clear distinction of public and private rooms, and the careful choreography of spaces that culminate in views of the surrounding landscape. As such the design is developed with a public wing for entertaining and a private enclave for the family. The public rooms, flanked by a large, landscaped terrace, face south culminating in views of the Agua Volcano in the distance. The private bedrooms, situated towards the north, are arranged around a central, sky-lit library that serves to bring natural light to the center of the house as well as provide a space of circulation and gathering for the family.

— Location

Cayala, Guatemala City, Guatemala

— Status


— Area

5,000 sq. ft. interior

5,000 sq. ft. exterior