Sela Square

Vibrant neighborhoods rely on a rich offering of public amenities that support diverse urban experiences. Public spaces, including parks and plazas, are particularly important urban rooms that provide opportunities for individuals to gather collectively, creating a sense of community.

The project proposes a new dog park for a burgeoning community just north of Miami’s Design District. The street edge is lined with a thin, pink, metal building that houses both a small café and public bathrooms. A large passage at the center of the building (modeled on the covered space of the traditional dog-trot typology) provides a covered entry as well as a space of gathering. At the center of the parcel is the dog park, developed with a secured edge composed of fixed seating and landscape. The spaces surrounding the dog park are flexible and meant to be used for a variety of activities including temporary food festivals, art exhibitions, movie nights, etc. The overall project is defined by a pink, metal, screen wall that serves to define a new, public, outdoor room for the city.

— Location
7324 NW Miami Court, Miami, FL

— Status
Completed September 2015

— Areas
2,200.00 sq.ft.