Yoca Bar

The project called for the design of a sustainable, fast-food, health bar located along Brickell Avenue in Miami, Florida. The bar serves two organic items, yucca bread and natural fruit drinks, meant to be purchased and easily eaten on the go.

In keeping with the business philosophy of the company, the project utilizes only recyclable materials- predominantly locally reclaimed cypress wood- for the design of the shop. The interior is conceived as a continuous, undulating, wood surface that not only conceals existing mechanical systems but also accommodates the principal seating for the space.

The wooden “liner” is set behind an existing, two-storey, glass facade and is designed to engage the passerby. The ceiling and walls of the space are slightly canted towards the rear; a perspectival manipulation meant to elongate the room and heighten the theatricality of the space by focusing the attention of the viewer on the serving window.

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